Re: Tomcat 6.0.10 with log4j 1.2.14

Lew <>
Wed, 15 Aug 2007 08:23:42 -0400
<> wrote:

I am trying to get the log4j logger to work with tomcat. I have used


Please do not multipost, that is, send the same message independently to
separate newsgroups. What happens is that people can't follow the
conversation as it is fragmented between the threads. Sometimes people get
quite exercised because they miss vital responses that were in a different
group; you can virtually hear the resentment as they complain that they were
following the conversation in one group, and that messages in a different
group really are in a different thread and they shouldn't be expected to
follow across multiple groups. At least one poster recently was very adamant
that they shouldn't be accountable for reading messages posted on a thread in
another group; actually he was rather snide about it. I'm not endorsing his
attitude, but it's indicative of how multi-posting does little to help you and
might repel those who could really help you. (The complainer in this instance
is a very knowledgeable Java developer and usually very enthusiastic about
providing information and his opinions.)

In the rare cases where you feel you absolutely /have/ to reach more than one
group, even though it's mostly the same people reading both groups, then
cross-post: include both groups in the destination at once rather than
separately sending your message. In that circumstance I recommend that you
set the "Followup" ("f/u") to just one of the groups.


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