Re: Tomcat Multi-Threading

Lew <>
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 09:49:25 -0800 (PST)
Magnus Warker wrote:

Lew wrote:

Magnus Warker wrote:

Arne Vajh=EF=BF=BDj wrote:

Lew wrote:

In the world of Java, no applications are single threaded.

I think most people would consider a console app with no
threads to be single-threaded.


There is even no relationship between a programming language and the
threading architecture of an application. The fact that Java supports
multi-threading does not lead to the fact that every Java application i=



No, the first fact does not lead to the second fact, but the second fact=

 is nevertheless true.


The JVM is multi-threaded and has, what, a minimum of four? at any rate =

severa; threads running

even if the application only uses one of them.

There is a mistake in your logical conclusion: Even if the VM is
multi-threaded, the applications running on top of them may still be
single-threaded. So your statement ("no applications are single
threaded") is simply wrong.

No, it isn't.

The Java application, from the OS perspective, comprises the JVM and everyt=
hing it runs.

The application doesn't exist outside the context of the JVM, so such consi=
derations matter.

Even more important, the OP wants to know if multiple CPUs will help perfor=
mance of a
Java app if it's multithreaded. Since the app runs in a multi-threaded cont=
ext, if multiple
CPUs would speed up a multi-threaded app, they'd help *any* Java app. I ma=
de this point
upthread; I guess you decided to ignore it in order to snark, huh?

Let's try to stay focused on the OP's concern here, shall we?


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