Re: Tomcat Multi-Threading

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Wed, 30 Jan 2013 22:17:51 -0500
On 1/30/2013 12:49 PM, Lew wrote:

Magnus Warker wrote:

Lew wrote:

Magnus Warker wrote:

Arne Vajh???j wrote:

Lew wrote:

In the world of Java, no applications are single threaded.

I think most people would consider a console app with no
threads to be single-threaded.

There is even no relationship between a programming language and the
threading architecture of an application. The fact that Java supports
multi-threading does not lead to the fact that every Java application is

No, the first fact does not lead to the second fact, but the second fact is nevertheless true.

The JVM is multi-threaded and has, what, a minimum of four? at any rate severa; threads running
even if the application only uses one of them.

There is a mistake in your logical conclusion: Even if the VM is
multi-threaded, the applications running on top of them may still be
single-threaded. So your statement ("no applications are single
threaded") is simply wrong.

No, it isn't.

The Java application, from the OS perspective, comprises the JVM and everything it runs.

The application doesn't exist outside the context of the JVM, so such considerations matter.

As you can write runtimes and runtime libs that start threads for any
language, then you logic of "some JVM's start threads => Java
applications are always multi threaded" implies that it is
only possible to write single threaded apps in languages
like assembler where you can control exactly what happens.

That is of course a perfectly consistent terminology.

But it is not the terminology used in the IT industry.

A multi threaded app in common terminology is where the application
itself contains code that result in threads being started.


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