Re: Best Practices for Writing XML

Daniel Pitts <>
Wed, 03 Mar 2010 15:02:02 -0800
On 3/3/2010 1:54 PM, Tom Anderson wrote:

On Wed, 3 Mar 2010, Rhino wrote:

What are the best-regarded Java classes for writing XML these days?

I'm afraid I've been out of touch with XML for a few years and long
ago lost track of what is well-regarded in the Java community for
creating XML files.

I have a need to write an XML file but NOT to work with it any
further; the file will be read by Microsoft Word but not processed any
further. If someone can point me to some suitable classes for writing
XML - and, ideally, a tutorial describing the proper use of these
classes - I would really appreciate that.

I'd probably go with StAX for writing it. It's in the standard library
as of 1.6, and there's a backport to 1.4+. It's pretty straightforward,
and there javadoc is easy to find, so i'll lame out of supplying links.

There aren't really any other standardised XML-writing libraries; i
think you'd have to make a DOM tree and feed it to some kind of
serialiser via JAXP or something, which you don't want to do.


Also, depending on the complexity of your requirements, it *might* be
worth wile to either use a templating language or manually building the

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