Re: Best Practices for Writing XML

Tom Anderson <>
Thu, 4 Mar 2010 00:02:16 +0000
On Wed, 3 Mar 2010, markspace wrote:

Rhino wrote:

What are the best-regarded Java classes for writing XML these days?

I'm afraid I've been out of touch with XML for a few years and long ago
lost track of what is well-regarded in the Java community for creating XML

I have a need to write an XML file but NOT to work with it any further;
the file will be read by Microsoft Word but not processed any further.
If someone can point me to some suitable classes for writing XML - and,
ideally, a tutorial describing the proper use of these classes - I
would really appreciate that.

If you're going to program in Java, it would help to get some basic
references for these things for your bookshelf so you have them to refer to.
Maybe you do, and you just want to see what else might be out there, but it
kinda sounds like you need to get some more reference material.

I'd recommend Learning Java, 3rd ed., by O'Reilly. Besides language
basics, LJ has a really huge number of chapters on the Java API,
including a nice section on XML. It covers the basics of the parsers
available, gives sample code for each one, and also gives a straight
forward comparison of each, which sounds like just what you need.

You reckon? I'm not sure how much use any of the parser APIs are for
writing XML. Parsing is traditionally very much about reading. Which is
the opposite of writing.


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