Re: attaching Dlls to exe

"David Ching" <>
Thu, 12 Jul 2007 16:50:48 GMT
"David Webber" <> wrote in message

Unless you've specified the GUID and stuff in the manifest, I don't think
just having the DLL in the same folder as your app is enough to get your
app to use it.

Well mine are not COM objects and so far it seems it *is* enough.

Yes, if you're just statically or dynamically linking to the DLL's, they
will be found in the same folder as the .exe. Since they're not COM
objects, no post-link registration step is required.

Yes. I gather that manifests were invented because of a desire for XCOPY
deployment. A lot of people also like having their apps on memory sticks
and just running them from there. Sort of carry-around-in-your-pocket
deployment :-)

This is something that is getting more popular for sure. Imagine using
Mozart at an Internet Cafe! ;)

For me it's a bit of a non-starter as my program's music symbols font has
to be installed to get decent results. But I guess it should be possible
to register a font for a single user without having admin privileges? It
would seem logical, but I have never heard of anyone doing it.

Unfortunately, I've never heard of per user fonts.

-- David

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