Re: Auto scaling dialogs

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 10 Aug 2009 14:36:16 -0700
You are correct that Resizable lib (and I thing the layout manager in MFC or
Xtreme Toolkit do not mess with the font. If it were me I would not want to
change the font size, but rather just the amount of re-estate the controls
take up so that it is maximized. I think modifying the font might be more
distracting and may end up making it smaller when the user had set it to be
larger in the system settings.


"David Ching" <> wrote in message

"Giovanni Dicanio" <> wrote in message

Chris H ha scritto:

I have seen some applications that seem to automatically scale the
dialog so that it fills the entire screen and shows exactly the same
buttons and text proportionally larger or smaller no matter the screen
size or resolution? How do they do that?

I'm not sure if this helps you, but there are some resizable dialog
classes on CodeProjects:

This one uses WTL instead:

Unfortunately, none of these automatically increase the font size as the
dialog gets bigger. :-(

-- David

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