Re: Switching between main SDI app windows

"Tom Serface" <>
Tue, 23 Oct 2007 18:08:16 -0700
Couldn't your users do this using the build in Windows fonts to make them

That said, you can change the size of the fonts for the controls by just
assigning a font at runtime. I believe you would do this in OnInitDialog().
I've never tried changing it for the whole dialog before, but it is a CWnd
so it would be easy enough to try it.


"Lynn Allan" <> wrote in message

I want to be able to allow the end-user to pick between medium and large
font sizes for the various controls on the main SDI application window.
This windows has several radio-button-groups, a CTreeCtrl, and a

When I use the form editor to lay out the main SDI app window, I'm now
using Arial 8. If I change the Properties for the entire window to
something larger (like Arial 10 or 14), then all the controls have the
font-size increased, and the controls themselves get bigger.

This seems like an easier approach than changing the font size for each
control, and figuring out the sizing for the group-box. Everything seems
to auto-magically resize correctly with that simple change.

Is there a way to programmatically do the equivalent of changing the
overall font size for the entire window?

If not, is it appropriate to define two separate DIALOGEX and somehow
switch between them? They would be the same except the line for:
FONT 10, "Arial" . With this approach, how do you switch from one DIALOGEX
to another while the app is running? The specification of which DIALOGEX
seems to happen in the InitInstance function.

// FONT 8, "Arial"
FONT 10, "Arial"
// FONT 14, "Arial"
   GROUPBOX "Recite Category",IDC_FREQ_GROUPBOX,0,1,62,75,0,0,
   CONTROL "Daily/Most Frequently",IDC_FREQ,"Button",
  ... more radio buttons and other controls


Also, is there a way to make the font for the menu-items and the font for
the Title-Bar be larger with MFC or API function calls?

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