Re: Switching between main SDI app windows

"David Ching" <>
Sat, 27 Oct 2007 14:59:48 GMT
"David Lowndes" <DavidL@example.invalid> wrote in message

Appears related to the article title:
A cool trick to give the Vista UI Font to all your MFC CDialogs ...

Yep that's it.

I'll try again from another computer and for another few days. Can you
post the "gist" of it (with source code if available) ... or sent it
to me "offline".

Here it is. Originally posted by "Ted:

Windows Vista has a new standard user interface font, Segoe UI 9
point, which is not given to you by the operating system when creating
a dialog with MS Shell Dlg. Ideally you would like to have your MFC
dialogs look modern when running on Windows Vista. That means changing
all your fonts to Segoe UI 9 point and/or having separate resources
for Vista if you want to work well on all platforms. Instead, there's
a cool trick you can use to avoid all that hassle.

[... great way to do this snipped ...]

But I think David W. posted that if you layout your dialogs with Segoe UI 9
in mind, they won't look right on XP or previous due to the default font
being 10 point and not 9 point?


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