Re: Japanese characters in CEdit and CComboBox

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 31 Oct 2007 09:55:33 -0700
Some OS's (Win 2K for example) don't seem to have all of the JA chars in the
ms sans serif font. You should use something like MS Gothic or the Shell
Dlg font if you want to be safe. One easy way to fix this up is to just
edit the .rc file with notepad and find the places where the font is set. I
find that to be much quicker than using the resource editor.

You will also want to run the actual dialogs on a machine with Japanese
Windows loaded or at least a MUI since the dialogs often display differently
in real life than they do in the resource editor.


"Michael Reim"
<nospammichaelDOTreim@REMOVENOSPAMANDCAPShelmut-fischer.denospam> wrote in
message news:%23HbzPt6GIHA.4592@TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl...

Hello all

We recently upgraded from VC6.0 to VS2005, and now we have problems with
the japanese version of our programs.
In some edit boxes and editable combo boxes it's not possible to show
japanese characters.
Amazingly the drop down part of the combo box displayes the japanese text
ok, but if you select this text it isn't correct in the edit part.
After debugging I narrowed it down to a problem with resource files.
We only have this problems in dialogs where we changed the default font.

We changed the standard line
FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg", 0, 0, 0x1
FONT 10, "MS Sans Serif", 0, 0, 0x1

If we now change this line to
FONT 10, "MS Sans Serif", 0, 0, 0x80
(japanese character set) everything works as it should.

But as we have a huge amount of resource files and as it would mean a lot
of error-prone work, each time we get a new japanese translation, I want
to know if it is possible to set something like a flag for the new MFC
(7.1) to behave like the old one (4.2)?

Michael Reim
Michael DOT Reim AT helmut-fischer DOT de

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