Re: Japanese characters in CEdit and CComboBox

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 7 Nov 2007 08:38:20 -0800
One thing that we recently noticed is that if you use MS Sans Serif for
Japanese it works OK on XP, but on Win 2K the characters aren't there. If I
install the XP font on Win 2K it works OK. There must have been some
upgrade to the font.


"Mihai N." <> wrote in message

BTW: selecting "MS Shell Dlg" doesn't seem to be possible in resource


Doesn't work with VS2005 either.

In VS 2005 - resource editor - dialog properties you have a font selection
field (with a '...' button that opens the standard font selection dialog).
It is not possible to select "MS Shell Dlg" from there (because that only
shows *real fonts*, and "MS Shell Dlg" is not a real font)

But you also have a boolean field called "Use System Font"
Set that to True and it will reset the font to "MS Shell Dlg"

Mihai Nita [Microsoft MVP, Windows - SDK]
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