Re: VS C++ text editor options

"Tom Serface" <>
Sat, 8 Dec 2007 21:23:52 -0800
I'm with Alex, I've never seen this happen before. It could be that
something got erased from somewhere. Perhaps you should try doing a
complete uninstall and then reinstall.


"thisismalhotra" <> wrote in message

Thanks for your question Alex...

What you are asking is exactly what my problem is, when I go into that
Settings for" drop down menu it does not give me an option for "Text

On the contarary I have VS 2003 installed on my laptop where I have that
option in my menu. Please note I have used the same disk to install VS
on my laptop as well as my dekstop
New to C++

"Alex Blekhman" wrote:

"thisismalhotra" wrote:

I know there is an option in visual studio
environment to display strings in the text editor in
diffrent colors but I
dont see settings for text editor when I go to
Tools->Otions->Environment->Fonts and Colors.

Did you select "Text Editor" in the "Show settings for"
combo box at the top of the form?


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