Re: VS C++ text editor options

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Fri, 7 Dec 2007 19:48:39 +0200
"thisismalhotra" wrote:

What you are asking is exactly what my problem is, when I
go into that "Show
Settings for" drop down menu it does not give me an option
for "Text Editor"

This is verystrange. I never encountered such problem with
Visual Studio. It seems like corrupted installation.
Probably you should uninstall VS completely, including all
its Registry settings, then do clean install.

There is another possible solution, but it's dirty. Use it
on your own risk. I don't have VS2003 anymore, however, all
versions of VS since VS6.0 store their IDE settings in the


where X.Y - version of the VS. For example, VS2005 key looks


Basically, you should see there list of GUID's, which
represent different categories in drop down combo. You can
export the whole `FontAndColors' subkey from laptop and
apply it desktop system. Don't forget to backup desktop key
beforehand, of course.

If you have good source comparison tool, then you may export
VS2003 Registry settings from both computers and compare
them one against another before doing any drastic changes.
(WinMerge ( is a free open source tool,
if you don't have any).


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