Re: Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 7 Apr 2008 12:47:47 -0700
If you want some cool new widgets it is very handy (Ribbon control for
example). There are also some bug fixes in the IDE that affect C++, but
nothing earth shattering. I think you will see much more C++/based
improvement in the near future. If you are not doing anything with .NET you
may want to wait for the next release, but the new widgets and skinning and
other features can breath new life into an old application.

The link mentions these in particular:

Office 2007 Ribbon Bar: Ribbon, Pearl, Quick Access Toolbar, Status Bar,

? Office 2003 and XP look: Office-style toolbars and menus,
Outlook-style shortcut bar, print preview, live font picker, color picker,

? Visual Studio look: sophisticated docking functionality, auto
hide windows, property grids, MDI tabs, tab groups, etc.

? Internet Explorer look: Rebars and task panes

? Vista theme support

? "On the fly" menus and toolbar customization: users can customize
the running application through live drag and drop of menu items and toolbar

? Shell management classes: use these classes to enumerate folders,
drives and items, browse for folders and more

As is widely known, MSFT purchased many of the improvements from BCGSoft so
that's why the question about whether or not you've already purchased that
was asked. I use XTreme Toolkit from CodeJock (have site license) so it
doesn't do much for me either, but if you are not using any of these
libraries and need them you can save up to $700 in the purchase price of
the libraries individually and have the benefit of the wizards to make it
easier to use the widgets. None of this requires C# (or even works with


"King Menelaus" <> wrote in message

No interest in .NET or C# at the moment. I guess I'm trying to establish
if the VC++ team did anything earth-shattering here, or is this version
jump mostly just another celebration of Microsoft's .NET poster child.
Sure, I can read the specs, but you guys are a much better source of
practical knowledge.

Much thanks,

Tom Serface wrote:

Yeah, then you'd already have the updates and more, except for the
MFC'ing of the controls and the benefit of MSFT's testing and
implementation with wizards.

I think there are other good things in 2008 especially if you use ASP.NET
or C# as well as C++. The new controls in MFC are really nice though.


"Sheng Jiang[MVP]" <> wrote in message

Depends on what you have and what you need. Are you, by coincidence,
using a
commercial GUI library such as bcgsoft's BCGControlBar?

Sheng Jiang
Microsoft MVP in VC++
"King Menelaus" <> wrote in message

Giovanni Dicanio wrote:

"New life" to MFC and TR1 support:


Does the "new MFC life" justify the VS 2005 -> 2008 upgrade? I'm still
looking for a compelling reason. TR1 isn't one, we use boost for most

Seeking opinions,

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