Re: Access Denied error on calling CFile::GetStatus() function

David Connet <>
Fri, 23 Mar 2007 18:33:05 -0500
=?Utf-8?B?U2FyYXRo?= <> wrote in

It was a typo that I passed & of FileStatus Object. In the actualy
code I've written it properly.

The last error was set to 0.

I shalll try with the code you specified. But the CFile::GetStatus
working properly with the directories in of local drive but not
working fine with the network file paths.

Ah joy. You have to replace CFile::GetStatus. Often, network/cd
drives/etc have bad dates. When GetStatus reads the info, the underlaying
CTime throws. VC8 does NOT fix this. I've seen cases where
CTime::IsValidFILETIME returns true, but CTime(filetime) throws.

What I did was to copy the GetStatus code from the MFC source. Then
around each status time field do the following (this is based on the VC8
    if (CTime::IsValidFILETIME(findFileData.ftCreationTime))
            rStatus.m_ctime = CTime(findFileData.ftCreationTime);
        catch (COleException* pe)
            rStatus.m_ctime = CTime();
        rStatus.m_ctime = CTime();

Dave Connet

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