Asynchronous (overlapping) file access

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Tue, 31 Jul 2007 02:44:16 -0700
Hi all!

I have a question concerning the asynchronous file access when using the
Platform SDK functions CreateFile/WriteFile. I am not completely sure what
"asynchronous" means. I thought, that the function WriteFile would return as
soon as possible after calling, and the file system does the job of writing
the data to disk in the background. But when I did some benchmarking, I
realized that synchronous and asynchronous file access are equally fast, when
measuring the time it takes for the WriteFile function to return. It could
well be, that I messed up some flags at the CreateFile / WriteFile
functions... Maybe some code is helpful to describe my benchmarking:

void AsynchronousFileAccess()
    LPVOID buffer_address;
    // Can only write in sizes of a multiple of this value to disk.
    DWORD bytes_per_sector;
    int bytes_to_write = 150000000;
    SIZE_T bytes_to_write_aligned;
    DWORD bytes_written;
    HANDLE h_event;
    HANDLE h_file;
    int mod_result;
    DWORD number_of_free_clusters;
    // Overlapped structure
    OVERLAPPED overlapped;
    BOOL result;
    DWORD sectors_per_cluster;
    SYSTEM_INFO system_info;
    PerfTimer timer_1;
    PerfTimer timer_2;
    DWORD total_number_of_clusters;

    GetSystemInfo( &system_info );

    result = GetDiskFreeSpace( L"C:\\", &sectors_per_cluster, &bytes_per_sector,
        &number_of_free_clusters, &total_number_of_clusters );

    if (system_info.dwPageSize != bytes_per_sector)
        cout << "Ohohhhh system_info.dwPageSize (" << system_info.dwPageSize << ")
!= bytes_per_sector (" << bytes_per_sector << ")\n";

    // Unbuffered file access needs bytes read / written to be a multiple
    // of the volume sector size.
    (mod_result = bytes_to_write % bytes_per_sector) == 0 ?
        bytes_to_write_aligned = bytes_to_write :
        bytes_to_write_aligned = bytes_to_write + (bytes_per_sector - mod_result);

    // The buffer needs to be aligned to addresses in memory that are a multiple
    // of the volume sector size.
    buffer_address = VirtualAlloc( NULL, bytes_to_write_aligned, MEM_COMMIT,


    h_file = CreateFileA( "test_out", GENERIC_WRITE, NULL, NULL,

    if (h_file == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
        cout << "Could not open file (error " << GetLastError() << ")\n";
        exit( 1 );

    h_event = CreateEvent( NULL, TRUE, TRUE, NULL );

    if (h_event == NULL)
        cout << "CreateEvent failed (error " << GetLastError() << ")\n";
        exit( 1 );
    // Don't use an event to signal completed operation,
    // but use HasOverlappedIoCompleted() for this purpose.
    overlapped.hEvent = h_event;
    // Startposition in the file.
    overlapped.Offset = 0;
    overlapped.OffsetHigh = 0;

    // Attempt a synchronous write operation.
    //result = WriteFile( h_file, buffer_address,
(DWORD)bytes_to_write_aligned, &bytes_written, NULL );

    // Attempt an asynchronous write operation.
    result = WriteFile( h_file, buffer_address, (DWORD)bytes_to_write_aligned,
&bytes_written, &overlapped );
    //result = WriteFileEx( h_file, buffer_address,
(DWORD)bytes_to_write_aligned, &overlapped, NULL );

    // Wait till write is completed.
    while (!HasOverlappedIoCompleted( &overlapped ));
    result = CloseHandle( h_file );

    VirtualFree( buffer_address, NULL, MEM_RELEASE );

    cout << "All write time: " << timer_1.TotalCount() << "\n";
    cout << "Until ready time: " << timer_2.TotalCount() << "\n";

    exit( 0 );

Right now the code is for asynchronous IO. When benchmarking synchronous IO
I also comment out the "HasOverlappedIoCompleted" line.

The thing is, that timer_1 and timer_2 show almost identical results, only 2
milliseconds or so apart. The filesize is 150MB which takes (about) 0.85
seconds. Both timers show this result (only 2 ms difference). There is also
no difference in using WriteFileEx instead of WriteFile, or if I use
"overlapped.hEvent = NULL;" instead of "overlapped.hEvent = h_event;"

Is my understanding of asynchronous IO wrong, or is there a bug in my code?


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