Getting the right time from the event log

 Cartoper <>
Tue, 07 Aug 2007 05:18:43 -0000
I am trying to read the event log from the news to the oldest and get
the time. I cannot figure out how to get the time. When I look at the
event log it has things from today but when I run my code it starts a
month back. The times are also off. I am clueless. I simply took
the sample code from MSDN and told it to go backwards, but it is the
time conversion I cannot figure out. Here is the code, what am I
doing wrong? (Other then programming when I am way too tired)

    HANDLE h;
    LPBYTE pBuffer = new BYTE[BUFFER_SIZE];
    DWORD dwRead = 0, dwNeeded = 0, dwThisRecord = 0;

    // Open the Application event log.

    h = OpenEventLog( NULL, "System"); // source name

    if (h == NULL)
        return false;

    pevlr = (EVENTLOGRECORD *) pBuffer;


    // Opening the event log positions the file pointer for this
    // handle at the beginning of the log. Read the records
    // sequentially until there are no more.

    while (ReadEventLog(h, // event log handle
        EVENTLOG_BACKWARDS_READ | // reads forward
        EVENTLOG_SEQUENTIAL_READ, // sequential read
        0, // ignored for sequential reads
        pevlr, // pointer to buffer
        BUFFER_SIZE, // size of buffer
        &dwRead, // number of bytes read
        &dwNeeded)) // bytes in next record

        // TimeGenerated
        // The time at which this entry was submitted. This time is
        // in the number of seconds elapsed since 00:00:00 January 1,
        // Universal Coordinated Time.

        while (dwRead > 0)
            // Print the event identifier, type, and source name.
            // The source name is just past the end of the
            // formal structure.

            struct tm * pTmStruct = gmtime((long*)&pevlr-


            SYSTEMTIME universalTime, localTime;
            LPSYSTEMTIME lptime = &localTime;

            universalTime.wYear = pTmStruct->tm_year + 1900;
            universalTime.wMonth = pTmStruct->tm_mon;
            universalTime.wDay = pTmStruct->tm_mday;
            universalTime.wHour = pTmStruct->tm_hour;
            universalTime.wMinute = pTmStruct->tm_min;
            universalTime.wSecond = pTmStruct->tm_sec;

            if( SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime(&tzi, &universalTime,
&localTime) == false)
                lptime = &universalTime;

            printf("%04d/%02d/%02d %02d:%02d:%02d ",
                lptime->wYear, lptime->wMonth, lptime->wDay,
                lptime->wHour, lptime->wMinute, lptime->wSecond);

            printf("%02d Event ID: 0x%08X ", dwThisRecord++, pevlr-


            printf("EventType: %d Source: %s\n", pevlr->EventType,
(LPSTR) ((LPBYTE) pevlr + sizeof(EVENTLOGRECORD)));

            dwRead -= pevlr->Length;
            pevlr = (EVENTLOGRECORD *) ((LPBYTE) pevlr + pevlr-



        pevlr = (EVENTLOGRECORD *) pBuffer;


    delete pBuffer;

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