Re: Does SuspendTimer exists?

"David Ching" <>
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 07:08:27 -0800
"Guido Franzke" <> wrote in message

Hello NG,

in my programme I use some timers.
SetTimer(TIMER1, 60000, NULL);
SetTimer(TIMER2, 60000, NULL);

In OnTimer I catch the timers.

if (nIDEvent == TIMER1)
   SetTimer(TIMER1, 60000, NULL);
else if (nIDEvent == TIMER2)
   SetTimer(TIMER1, 60000, NULL);

In the beginning, the timers run parallel. Some time later there is a time
gap because of the function calls.
Now I want to suspend TIMER1 in my TIMER2-block. The things in do2()
on results from do1(). I don't want the results overwritten.
I only see KillTimer. But then I must set SetTimer(TIMER1) new, but I
want that. I would prefer the elapse time, I don't want 60000 msec.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as SuspendTimer() which retains the
unsed time so that you can later ResumeTimer() and have it countdown from
there. You need to implement it yourself. GetTickCount() is a useful
function you can use to measure elapsed time between two events, you may
want to replace one of the timers with your own DWORD which tracks elapsed
time, e.g.:

    DWORD dwStart = GetTickCount(); // <-- call at beginning

    // .... some time later.....

    DWORD dwElapsedTime = GetTickCount() - dwStart; // <- Number of
milliseconds elapsed since dwStart was initialized

-- David

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