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"operator=" overloading for CDialog
"while loop" in a thread
.rhavin grobert
David Wilkinson
Re: AfxThread question
Application crashes when closed
David Wilkinson
Re: Button error
Re: Catch WM_SIZE
Re: CDialog
AliR \(VC++ MVP\)
Re: CDialog issues
Re: CDialog minimize topic
CEdit control crashes when resized
wasiq akram
check focus
Re: Combox Update information
RE: delete *this possible?
Re: deriving from CListCtrl
Re: deriving helper class from CWnd
Re: Dialog shall not end on RETURN
David Ching
Re: DoModal()
.rhavin grobert
edit box cant get focus
Eric Margheim
Figured it out....
AliR \(VC++ MVP\)
Re: Fonts
Free my object
Re: Get pointer to parent of parent (2 levels back) - NEWBIE QUEST
Leo Violette
Re: GUI inside dll
David Lowndes
Re: Hide a DoModal
Re: How to get m_hWnd in CDialog
Doug Harrison [MVP]
Re: isIconic issue again...
Alexander Grigoriev
Re: it doesn't respond me
Re: Key press produces 'boink' sound
Loading a .dll in ActiveX
Re: Memory leak in mfc
AliR \(VC++ MVP\)
Re: MFC and threads
MFC and Worker Thread issue
Re: MFC Error Sound on Exit
David Webber
Re: Microsoft style:
Modeless dialog box in a thread
Re: multi-threading fundementals?
Re: ON_BN_CLICKED not working
Re: organizing application properly question
Tage Korsdal Nielsen
Re: Owner draw repaint
RE: position of a CDialog window
problem with const string&
Progress Dialog Box
RE: Resizable dialog
Re: Send message issue
SendMessageToDescendents problem
SetCaretPos inside a control
Jeova Almeida
SetTimer not working
SetWindowPos causing crash
SetWindowPos in tabbed control
Re: Show Dialog from MFC Extension DLL
AliR \(VC++ MVP\)
Re: Spin Control?
Re: Strange CVSListBox behavior
Strange problem
Tooltips don't work for CEdit controls
Re: Transparent background
Re: Variable of Timer ?
Igor Tandetnik
Visual Studio 2005 with SP1 Issue
Visual Studio hangs during Debugging a thread:
why GetFieldValue() is so slow
Dan Bloomquist
Re: why UI gets hangs
Tom Serface
Scott McPhillips [MVP]
Re: wm_message
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