Re: WinSock SendData -> unknown Exception

clinisbut <>
Mon, 18 Feb 2008 04:08:00 -0800 (PST)
On Feb 16, 2:00 am, Joseph M. Newcomer <> wrote:

I question the fundamental decision to use an ActiveX control to do someth=

ing as simple as

socket handling. I believe the control does synchronous I/O.

Yeah, sure! but does another issue...

Could you report ALL the values of the COleDispatchException object? Most =

especially the
m_wCode = 0

I think that's the only value I've left behind.

I'm having another trouble and is happening when I call the same
function from a multimedia timer. But this time I'm getting a "First
chance exception in XXX.exe (MSWINSCK.OCX): 0xC0000005: Access

I think it has to do with the variant type. Debugging this last error,
I found that program crashes in function (called automatically from

   void COleDispatchDriver::InvokeHelperV(DISPID dwDispID, WORD
wFlags, VARTYPE vtRet, void* pvRet, const BYTE* pbParamInfo, va_list
      SCODE sc = m_lpDispatch->Invoke(dwDispID, IID_NULL, 0, wFlags,
&dispparams, pvarResult, &excepInfo, &nArgErr); //<---This is where
error occours!!!

Maybe has something to do with MMTimer? this is how I implement it:
void CALLBACK CUart3Dlg::StartTimer( UINT wTimerID, UINT msg, DWORD
dwUser, DWORD dw1, DWORD dw2 )
    CUart3Dlg* obj = (CUart3Dlg*) dwUser;
        obj->Timer_SendData( wTimerID );

void CUart3Dlg::Timer_SendData( UINT wTimerID )
    if( buffer_out.size() > 0 )
        if( ui_retry_counter<MAX_RETRY_COUNT )
            //Some operations
                       std::vector<unsigned char> out_tcp;
                       //fead out_tcp with data
            Send_TCP( out_tcp ); <--This calls my m_Winsock.sendData( v );

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