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Re: A small exercise
advice about a network app
John B. Matthews
Re: basic GUI question
Re: C++ wrapper for java
Calling java APIs from a c program
Re: Connecting Via HTTPS
Re: Exception Jargon
Joshua Cranmer
Re: generic arrays
Re: Is an object?
Laurent D.A.M. MENTEN
Re: Java class doubts??
Patricia Shanahan
Re: Java downcast question
Tom Anderson
Re: Java puzzler
JNI Problems with MINGW32
Roedy Green
JNLP validation
Pascal J. Bourguignon
Re: macros
Mike Schilling
Re: Memory Management
Need help with JDBC code walk
Re: Non static block and constructor
Seamus MacRae
Re: Nulling an object
John B. Matthews
Re: Objects in java
Re: pass by reference
Roedy Green
Re: refactoring
Kenneth P. Turvey
Re: Sines and Cosines
Eric Sosman
Re: Singletons?
Re: Static method
String update problem
Thomas Pornin
Re: T copy()
Re: Turning off JIT Optimisation
Stanimir Stamenkov
Re: Understanding Exceptions
Understanding thread behavior
Using JNI from Managed C++
VFAT + Linux/Knoppix bug?
vista + java
Java Performance Export
Why is Java so slow????
Nigel Wade
Re: Works for me
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